Actress Elisabeth Ness Talks Identity In Her New Comedy Web Series “Redheads Anonymous”

By: Denishea Bright

As humans we’ve all gone through a period in our lives when we have what you would call an identity crisis, for some it’s a never-ending fight. Every day comes a brand new challenge, a brand new question, and a brand new quest to find out who we truly are and who we are supposed to be. Redheads Anonymous goes deeper into the topic of identity, differences, standards, bullying, and stereotypes among many other things. And it will be the source of discussion about the things that many people unknowingly try to hide, whisper about, or act as if it doesn’t exist.

“…I find that really fascinating to be able to be inside another persons mind and understand how they work…”

Elisabeth Ness, the creator of the show and who is also a Yale alumna, has met her goals in education, but the lead character she portrays in the series, Molly, hasn’t… *Insert* a “Redhead Scholarship” that forces Molly and her three redheaded friends to decipher what it means to be a redhead.

RA1Just like Molly, Ness is also someone who’s pretty tenacious, she runs after her dreams and takes what she wants. From voice-over work to theatre, she seems to be everywhere! She is the co-founder of Good Porpoise Productions, LLC. a production company that specializes in mini documentaries. She is the co-writer and producer of short films Julie & Riley and Best Friends Forever. Some of her acting work can be seen in the New York International Film Festival award-winning TV pilot The Grid, the 2011 feature film Tobi, and in the national Pepsi commercial alongside Glee’s Kevin McHale.

Redheads Anonymous was directed by Daniel Seth. Along with Ness, Juliet Brett, Ethan Slater, and Kathleen Littlefield will also star.

DB: Your show is filled with redheads and is about redheads so I have to ask… Who is your favorite redhead that’s doing their thing right now either on television, film, radio, or wherever?

Elisabeth Ness: That’s a great question. See there’s so many amazing redheads that it’s hard to pinpoint one. In terms of behind the scenes, I adore Ron Howard. I think that he is a genius. In terms of in front of the scenes, I really would love to have anything resembling the career of Amy Adams. She’s incredible. She approaches everything with humility and vulnerability and I think that’s a beautiful trait.

DB: Does the characters in the series ever find out “what it means to be a redhead”?

RA2Elisabeth Ness: Well I think one of the lessons of the show, not just for me but in the show, has been that every being defines being a redhead completely differently. You know you get to decide your own identity. You get to decide who you are and what stereotypes you embrace or you defy. And I think that’s really interesting. In the show itself Molly comes to a determination as to what she thinks it means to be a redhead now whether or not that gets her the Redhead Scholarship I don’t know. But yeah you would have to watch the series in order to find out what she determines it to be.

Redheads Anonymous will premiere on St Patrick’s Day March 17th!

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Thanks Elisabeth!

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