“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 17 “The Bin of Sin” Recap



By: Donte Smith

Be careful who you side with when you’re dealing with “A”. She has a way of burying you. No one got that message clearer then the fun and lovable Hanna Marin who is currently in the sight of “A” and the bitch is hungry for blood. Last week Caleb and Spencer figured out Hanna was being black mailed for hiding what they believe to be Mona’s body in a storage closet. Hanna wasn’t going to wait “A” to deliver her on a silver platter to the police as the person who killed Mona. So she and Caleb went to destroy everything in the closet and to clear her name off all the records that “A” placed her name on. Only they were a step behind “A”, “A” already knew Hanna’s plan because she bugged her house and videotaped her conversation with Caleb before they left for the storage closet.

To make matters worse Tobey decided being a police officer was more important to him then his friends and used everything they told him to help Det. Tanner. That almost led to the attest of Hanna and Caleb as they ran into Tobey and Det. Tanner at the storage warehouse. The run in made Tanner’s theory that the girls or at least Hanna helped Alison killed Mona. Poor Hanna she can’t seem to catch a break from the police. The accident led to a huge argument between Hanna and Spencer. When Spencer defended Tobey’s actions of telling his police co workers everything he knew, only to have Tobey turn around and leave her hanging in the wind. Could this have been Alison’s plan all along to divide and conquer our group of liars? IF so the plan is working perfectly, with the stakes so high it may turn into an every Liar for themselves type of thing. Hopefully our girls patch things up quickly because “A” is on the hunt and the bitch doesn’t care who is in her way.

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