“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 16 “Over A Barrel” Recap


By: Donte Smith

Lies and secrets have a way of coming to the light no matter how hard you try to hide them. The liars learned this lesson firsthand tonight and “A” didn’t have to do all the teaching. Thanks in large part to her new partner “H” who the Liars believe is really Det. Holbrook. Aria started to deal with the consequences of her letter to Jackie, when “A” sent several signs that she wouldn’t stop harassing Aria about the letter until Ezra knew of it. While Aria beat herself up over writing the letter to began, Emily continued her process of moving on from Paige, Although that involved a lot clashing with her newest co worker. Emily and her co worker shared very different ideas the store’s cooking methods and if there should be a uniform.

The tag team of Spencer and Caleb reunited again this week after the group got a text message alert from a dead Mona. Caleb was able to track the signal of the text message to an apartment building were unknowingly to them at the time was registered under Hanna’s name. Over course Hanna never rented out the apartment so this has “A” written all over it. Spencer and Caleb decided to check out the apartment together after Hanna was called away by Ted. A guy her mother Ashley has been seeing on and off for some time that had just recently returned home from a six month tour overseas building homes. At the apartment Caleb and Spencer found a barrel possibly filled with Mona’s body and the clothes Mona wore during her attack perfectly packaged in clear plastic bags. If you’re like the Liars and share the theory that Alison is “A” and Det. Holbrook is helping, then tonight went a long way of proving your theory right. Only a police officer could have the resources to rent an apartment in someone else’s name while also hiding any evidence that may be used in plain sight. Spencer convinced Caleb not to open the barrel just in case it was a setup planted by “A”. Besides Hanna has enough issues going on at home last thing she needs is for her boyfriend to be locked up.

Ted who was unhappy with the state of his and Ashley’s relationship asked Hanna for her mother’s hand in marriage. Happy with the notion that her mother could fully be happy again she agreed. But things between Ted and Ashley have never been that easy and after popping the question to Ashley during dinner that night between the three of them. Ashley responded to the proposal saying she needed time to think it over. Not exactly the answer you want to hear when asking someone to marry you. But Ashley felt like she couldn’t accept Ted’s proposal while still dealing with her mistaken night of sex with Jason. I guess you can only hope for a happily ever after in Rosewood.

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