“The Fosters” Season 2: Episode 12 “Over Under” – TV Recap


By: Donte Smith

Tonight we were treated to the winter premiere of The Fosters. Finally the suspense over why the ambulance was called to Robert’s house during the summer finale would be revealed. Most “Fosters Fans” myself included predicated it had to do with Sophia the younger sister of Callie. During the summer finale Callie and Sophia had a huge argument after Sophia told Callie she trashed her adoption papers, thus preventing the Fosters from adopting Callie, along with her younger brother Jude. In case you forgot or aren’t caught up with the Fosters. Jude and Callie are related by their mother and grew up with one another, while Callie and Sophia are related by their father and just recently met. To the surprise of many the Ambulance arrived for Callie’s birth father Robert who was having a panic attack due to his argument with Callie over her unwilling to leave Jude and the Fosters and join his family.


The events of the day shock up the Foster household in many ways, mostly changing the dynamics in Brendan and Callie’s relationship. With the very real possibly that the Fosters might not be able to adopt Callie, she tried to gather interest from Brendan as to if he wanted to rekindle their romance. I love myself some “Brallie” as much as the next person but I was getting used to the idea of Brendan dating Lou. Apparently we were on the same page because Brendan quickly crushed Callie’s hopes stating that he doesn’t trust her not to hurt him and they shouldn’t even consider the idea of dating again at least not now. Talk about heart breaking.

Meanwhile Stef and Lena were having their own relationship issues to work out. After Lena quit her job as Vice Principal over an argument she had defending Jude against his best friend Conner father. Conner’s father believed Jude was gay and had a problem with his son being around Jude. Lena who is a lesbian had huge issues with that stance. Unfortunately the bills don’t stop regardless of your beliefs and Lena was asking for her job again. Mariana got a crash course in defending herself, after being black ball by her dance team captain. She along with another dancer from the team she befriended quit the team after making it into a dance tournament. By dancing with the team before she quit it allowed Mariana to still complete in the tournament while creating her own team with her friend. You can never accuse Mariana of not thinking on her toes.

Next week highlights reveal Callie maybe up to her old runaway ways. Could the realization that Brendan has moved on push Callie to seek a new beginning somewhere else. Or is this due to the unwanted family that refuses to grant her wishes of letting The Fosters adopt her.






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