Oscar Nominee Film Review “Unbroken”


By: Dan Tomasik

Unbroken is an odd kind of film. Its perfect for Oscar season even though it has almost no chance of winning in the big categories. The reason for this is that it isnt after Oscars. Its a very good film that demonstrates a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion for sharing an incredible story with filmgoers. Its a movie that you can see with a large group of people and come to the same consensus upon viewing it. Its a really good film that belongs among the best of the year without desperately pleading for prestige.

Unbroken is all about the story. Rather than using the story to benefit those involved in its production, every aspect of the production is making a conscious decision to doing the story justice above any personal gains. Its not filled with one-liners, dramatic monologues, mind-blowing CGI, pulse-pounding chases, or personal artistic statements. Everything is about realizing this incredible story on the screen. Its a selfless film that way.

All of this works to the movies advantage because it really is an amazing story that doesnt need alterations or enhancements. Everything that happens speaks for itself and requires no additional commentary to reach the audience.

What made Louis “Louie” Zamperini exceptional had nothing to do with who he was. The trials and challenges he experienced go beyond what any human being can face. Its not a matter of resolve, its not a matter of toughness, its not a matter of surviving a rough childhood, its not a matter of being an Olympic athlete. What it all comes down to is the decision to give up or not. Everything else is inconsequential.

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