“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 15 “Fresh Meat” Recap


By: Donte Smith

What the hack is going on in Rosewood? Alison is being black mailed for Mona’s Murder, Spencer and Caleb are lying to Toby, Paige isn’t returning any of Emily’s emails and Aria is using her relationship with Ezra as the reason she hasn’t been accepted into a college like the rest of her friends. Toby on the orders from his higher ups at the police station was asked along with a few other officers to once again check the property of Mona’s house. While checking the outside of the house Toby found an old knife that belonged to his family, Toby believed the knife could have been used as the murder weapon in Mona’s death and was discarded by “A”. So instead of bringing it in for evidence he kept it hidden from his fellow officers and told Caleb and Spencer about it. Caleb admittedly knew the knife Toby was describing because he and Hanna used it several times when he stayed at Toby’s family lake house. Caleb wanted to destroy the knife in case it had his, Hanna or Toby’s fingerprints on it. Caleb’s biggest fear was that another officer might find the knife and try to place the blame of Mona’s death on someone within their group.

The debate over what they should do with the knife ended with a pack that the three of them would keep the knife a secret and they would leave it where Toby left it. But Caleb being the rebel badass that he is had other plans and set out to find the knife and destroy. Although those plans were interrupted when Spencer made a surprise visit to his apartment and caught him before he left to find the knife. After Caleb revealed his past police trouble Spencer agreed that finding the knife and destroying it was the best thing for the group. While Spencer and Caleb were off finding the knife Hanna was on a college tour which turned into her trying to track down an officer that the girls believed maybe helping Alison continue her “A” rein. Hanna tracking down the officer led to her visiting Alison in jail. Hanna in search of answers was blindsided by Alison’s confession that during the hours you disappeared from her family on Thanksgiving, which was the time span where Mona was killed. Alison was waiting to meet Cyrus at a disclosed location after he called her freaking out that he wouldn’t be able to continue telling her liar. Alison knowing she couldn’t reveal that facet of her life to the police or her father knew “A” set her up perfectly and Hanna to watch out for “A”.

Sitting in an empty house Ashley starts to realize that once Hanna leaves for college she will be all alone. Jason stops by with a few questions about some incomplete paperwork from work and a small dinner between co workers leads to a night of sex between the two. Way to go Jason, messing with the older woman. Emily dealing with separation anxiety of her own from Paige asks Ezra for a cooking position during the opening night of his book store to earn more money for a plane ticket to California. In progress of failing at cooking Emily tries to help Aria deal with the rejection she has been receiving from every college she applied too. Aria eventually writes an essay stating her relationship with the much older Ezra ruined her high school experience and made it hard for her to adjust to the students her age. The note was a home run for the Dean of the College Aria sent it to, mostly because that Dean had a past relationship with Ezra as well.

During the book store opening Caleb is almost killed by “A” who locks Caleb into a heating room with the knife. Caleb is almost burned to death when Spencer realizes he is trapped in the room and opens it. After helping Caleb escape the heat room, Spencer and Caleb melt the knife. Spencer then attends Ezra’s book store opening where she is confronted by Toby who is pissed that the knife is missing from the spot he told her he left it at. The argument leads to a huge explosion between the two outside of the book store. Could this be the end of one of Pretty Little Liars most epic romances? After everything they have been through their relationship can’t really end this way can it? Who knows! But with the way things are going it may end up being every Liar for themselves. With the location of Mona’s body expected to be revealed next week this band of lying friends better stick together. It’s no telling what “A” may have up his/her shelve let alone who “A” may actually be. Uh things have gotten very complicated in Rosewood lately hasn’t it?

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