“Black-ish” The New Great Comedy To Watch


By: Donte Smith

Stuck in the middle of another long and boring week? In need of laughs? Or just want something good and family friendly to watch?

Then check out ABC’s newest comedy Black-ish starring Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross & Laurence Fishburne. The show is about an African-American male named Dre Johnson (Anthony Anderson) who moves his family from the rough streets of Compton, California to home in the suburbs of Los Angles to provide a better childhood for his children than he received as a child. In 2015 Dre must adjust his way of thinking for the betterment of his family because his children in this new generation that we live in face a completely different set of problems then Dre & Rainbow faced as a child. Dre also has an issue connecting with his children the importance of learning their culture and holding those values close to them. Of course this is easily said than done.

Rainbow (Tracee Ellis Ross) who is Dre’s wife is a doctor and a bit of a free spirit who wants the children to choose their own path in life and follow through any positive desires they may want to fulfill. While Dre’s father Pops (Laurence Fishburne) is a hardcore, old school, in your face type of guy who believes you need to be firm and tough with children to prepare them for the world. The Johnson’s have four children Zoey who is the eldest and first daughter, Andre Johnson Jr. their first son and the twins Jack and Diane the youngest of the bunch. Like most children growing up in this generation they are simplify trying to find themselves while also fitting in at school and dealing with their parents expectations. Zoey is the “IT Girl” in her high school, very popular among her peers while Andre Jr. is the exact opposite. He is a nerd by nature. Dre and Zoey spend time trying to make him cooler. The twins Jack and Diane are very close to each other but very opposite. Diane is a mini genius while Jack is more of a goof ball.

Black-ish touches on issues that people not just African-Americans deal with on a daily basics and put a creative funny spin on things. Black-ish is also steaming on “Hulu-plus” so if you’re like myself and need to binge-watch a television show before you have a real feel for it, then watch the first eleven episodes of the Black-ish right now. Then tune in every Wednesday night at 9.30pm on ABC for more Anthony Anderson and Black-ish.

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