“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 14 “Through A Glass, Darkly” Recap


By: Donte Smith

If Alison isn’t “A” then who exactly is? That’s the burning question for many Pretty Little Liars fans after tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars. If you asked any of the girls of Rosewood who “A” was they would have undoubtedly answer Alison. Spencer and Emily were so sure about Alison being the mysterious “A” that they were ready to plant strings of Alison’s hair in Mona’s house to help clear Spencer of the crimes against her, and help put Alison behind bars. Luckily for the girls they didn’t have to commit a crime to clear a crime because Mona was always a few steps ahead of them, and had set up hidden cameras that recorded her entire attack. Once Spencer and Emily found the cameras they convinced Hanna to talk Mona’s mother into having the police research her house. This time the police founded the cameras.

The police brought Alison’s older brother in for questions and showed him the video of Mona’s attack. As most Liar fans, myself included already predicted Mona was killed by Alison. But how can we be so sure since the video never once revealed the attackers face? We saw a blond hair style extremely familiar to that of Alison’s, because the video only caught Mona’s killer backside. Jason never learned that blood is thicker than water because after watching the video he revealed to the police that Alison disappeared for an extended period of time during the night of Mona’s death. This latest development of the news led to the arrest of Alison by the police who were assisted by the Liars as they prevented Alison from escaping out her back door. Alison didn’t leave quietly stating one final time that she wasn’t “A” and with her and Mona out of the way “A” would focus all her attention on the girls.

The Liars viewed Alison’s words as meaningless treats until that night while talking to each other about the future. Fireworks filled forming into the letter “A”. But Alison was already in prison. So who sparked the fireworks? Could Alison have actually been telling the truth after all and we have just been fools based off her past lies? Next week is sure offer some answers as well as more questions when Tobey finds the weapon used to kill Mona. In the words of “A” you bitches better brace yourself for what’s to come.


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