“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 14 “Through A Glass, Darkly” Preview



By: Donte Smith

The Wait is almost over, only a few more hours until The Winter Premiere of Pretty Little Liars. The show airs during its usual Tuesday 8pm time slot on ABC Family. When we last left off our four favorite high school girls, were dealing with the notion that “A” the mysterious person that has been torturing him through text message treats and physical abuse at times. Might be their former Queen B and best friend Alison DiLaurentis?! That notion was only further perceived when Mona the biggest treat to Alison and fremeny of our Pretty Little Liars was killed in her bedroom. By a woman who resembled Alison from behind. Mona’s death shocked our girls because she was killed a few days after agreeing to help the girls bring down Alison and reveal all of her lies to the public. But seriously could Alison really be “A”? and if she is, what was her motive behind this?

During the Christmas special that separated the Summer Season finale and Winter premiere. We seen the return of CeCe Drake who returned to Rosewood to warn Alison that she could no longer trust the girls ( Spencer, Hanna, Aria & Emily), because they had turned their backs against her. Jenna and Lucas reached out to the Liars as well stating that they publicly who stand behind Alison’s new army of followers until they were needed to help bring her down. With so many people flip flopping sides it’ll be hard to predict Alison or “A” might do. Our Liars better brace themselves for anything, because if it’s one thing that we know it’s that “A” finds so much pleasure torturing these bitches.

One thought on ““Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 14 “Through A Glass, Darkly” Preview

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