“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 13 “We Love You To Death” Recap



By: Donte Smith

Pretty Little Liar fans everywhere got the Halloween treat we have been waiting months for. Just a little something to hold us over until the season picks back up with the Christmas special Tuesday December 9 2014.

The episode consisted of Flashbacks from characters that have been killed off of the show and Fan reaction videos. The former characters express how their lives have changed since working on Pretty Little Liars and there favorite experiences from the show as well. The fans definitely had a chance to express themselves during the episode about how they felt about the death of Mona, Ezra becoming “A”, and Alison creating her army.

The biggest news of the night came when I. Marlene King announced that the character “A” will be revealed before the start of season seven. Yes that’s right “A” will be revealed before what come possibly be the last season of Pretty Little Liars season seven. Which opens the door to us viewers watching the girls deal with the aftermath of what “A” has done to their lives so far.

So Liar Fans brace yourselves because it’s going to be a very good next few years.





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