Actress Gillian Pensavalle Talks Working With Husband Michael Paul Smith And Season 2 Of Their Web Series “The Residuals”

By: Denishea Bright

While going on auditions Gillian Pensavalle and her husband, Michael Paul Smith, would always find themselves calling and texting each other about the crazy things that they were witnessing in the auditioning waiting rooms. After seeing the things that they’ve seen and having all of the “you wont believe what I just heard” conversations, the pair found that these stories had to be shared. Smith immediately started writing the series, the couple gathered up some of their actor friends, and the production for The Residuals began.

The Residuals takes its viewers inside the world of commercial acting, showing what its like from both the actors and the casting directors points of view. Smith plays a character by the name of Pete, a struggling actor living with his unpredictable roommate and Pensavalle plays the character, Valerie, a casting assistant who just might be at her wit’s end.

Alongside Pensavalle and Smith, the series also stars Kelly Warne, Nick Costa, Mark Gessner, James Tabeek, Emily Tarver, Patrick Jones, Jeremy Redleaf, Dave Hanson, Cathryn Mudon, Kathy Searle, Rocco Chierichella, Mike O’Gorman, Alison Levering Wong, Ted O’Gorman, David Crownson, Alisha B. Woods, Benjamin Hey, and Joel Walker.

Gillian and Mike2In a world where there is so much competition, Pensavalle advises for anyone trying to get to their desired destination whether it’s acting or any other career, to keep doing whatever it is that they’re doing and to never stop.

In the first episode of Season 1 the issue of completion is shown when characters Pete and Ellen, played by Smith and Kelly Warne, receive a  link to view a commercial that they were apart of for the first time. While viewing the commercial they find that a singing guy, the star of the very commercial that they worked so hard to be apart of, has taken their place.

Pensavalle has definitely taken her own advice. She’s worked as a voice over actress for the 2008 video game Grand Theft Auto IV. She’s acted in MTV’s former sketch comedy show, Human Giant, starring and created by comedians Aziz Ansari, Rob Huebel, and Paul Scheer.

Today she is a host for the entertainment news video sharing site, Buzz60. She credits her family and friends as her biggest motivators while speaking briefly about how the television and film industry can be a scary place. She reflects back on a sign that she saw in the past.

It read:

“Please do not feed the fear.”

This saying has stuck with her to this very day.

Behind the Scenes1After Matt Tamanini from showed interest in the project, The Residuals team were told that Broadway World were interested in the show. And now they are in pre-production for their second season which will premiere on next year.

The second season will follow Pete, and his roommate Keith struggling to get along while preparing to create their very own web series. Valerie has to deal with her overbearing boss and a host of new characters played by Horatio Sanz, Michael Torpey, and Jenna Leigh Green who are constantly making her job even more difficult.

Pensavalle and Smith are now focused on Season 2 of The Residuals, which is currently on a crowd-funding campaign with Kickstarter. After Season 2, who knows where their path will take them, perhaps toward a Season 3!

Support the campaign for Season 2 here:

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