USC Student David Mandell Talks Opportunities And His Upcoming Short Film “Laugh Along The Way”

By: Denishea Bright

David Mandell, didn’t always know that he wanted to become an actor. Originally from a small town in Northern California, growing up he says that he was very much into sports, particularly soccer, which he played. After trying out for a school musical, much to his surprise, he landed the lead role. Soon after he was “bitten by the acting bug,” as he describes it, and a passion for the world of acting ensues.

You may have seen Mandell in Susie Yankou’s hit web series 101 Ways To Get Rejected. He’s also served as an intern for ICM Partners, Leverage Management, Appian Way Productions, Kevin Pollak , Scott Haze, and actor/producer Lukas Benkhen. Just recently he has signed with the talent agency, Kathleen and Associates. And this has all occurred while studying theatre and entertainment business at the University of Southern California.

With a main goal to act and produce in the future, he will succeed due to the great support system that he has in his family. He works hard and goes for what he wants. He encourages anyone with a dream to do the same and to go out and create their own opportunities.

“People think that the industry is based on luck and it’s not. Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity…”-David Mandell

Laugh Along The Way follows a high school senior, John, who is battling and hiding his condition of leukemia. While in chemotherapy he develops a close bond with a young boy named Sam, who just happens to be the younger brother of an openly gay boy who John has picked on in the past. John will soon learn how to open up his heart to the very people that he was against and acknowledge his condition openly while “laughing along the way”.

Bullying is a universal issue that we often see in schools, workplaces, and in relationships. Although, some will come to learn how to deal with it, others may not. When asked if he carries anything from the past, Mandell as expected has a great attitude much like the character Sam. Mandell explains that he handles situations as they come and that once they happen, it’s over. The reality of not being able to go back and change anything encourages him to move on and to not worry about the past. Hopefully this is a message that the viewers will take along with them.

The film was written and will be produced by Mandell, who will star as the character, John. Along with Mandell, David Atash and AJ Brandtneris are producers as well. Brandon Baer is set to direct.

Laugh Along The Way will also star Kelton Dumont, Robin Dearden, Zachary Roozen, and Amber Coney.

After completing Laugh Along The Way, Mandell hopes to produce a feature film for the short film as well. We can all expect to see Mandell in the 2015 film, Chasing Yesterday, which stars Adrienne Bailon, Wendy Raquel Robinson, and Rhyon Nicole Brown.

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