Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Episode 12 “Taking This One To The Grave” Recap

BwAe-N5CEAAMaOFBy: Donte Smith

The gloves are off and Alison “Ali” DiLaurentis is fighting. Emily suggested to the girls last week that Ali may be the mystery character that has been terrifying the girls for the past few years and tonight we found out that she wasn’t alone in her thinking when the liars joined forces with Mona to bring Alison down.

Check out the trailer for the Halloween Special!

Since Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily decided to freeze Alison out. Mona believes Alison befriended each of the girls because she is a psychopath and each girl represented something in particular for her. Spencer because she is smart, Emily for her loyalty, Hanna for her admiration, and Aria for her compassion. While the girls are considering this possibility, Ali has been busy building an army of her own filled with students she picked on before she disappeared. Most of whom were originally on Mona’s army before Alison convinced them to change their minds. Alison does a lie detector test with the police. Mona with the help of Lucas steals a copy of the lie detector video from the police and shares it with the girls. In the video, the police suggest several times that they believe Spencer is behind the death of Bethany Young (A girl from Radley Hospital who was found dead the night Alison disappeared in her backyard), and Alison does nothing to stop their thinking.

While trying to live some type of normal life, Paige and Emily finally rekindle their romance after they lock lips in the middle of the school hallway. Mona enlists the help of Caleb who reveals the police have taken their attention off Alison and put it squarely on Spencer after receiving papers of Bethany Young from Radleuarely on Spencer. Mona and Spencer decide to inform themselves of what’s going on so they break into Radley, dressed as nurses. While in Radley they discovered that Alison’s father had an affair with Bethany Young so Mona takes all the recording and papers on file about Bethany to see if there are any more clues that link Bethany to Alison. While going through the recording, Mona finds the evidence she needs to prove that Alison is indeed “A”, but before she can tell the girls, she is killed by a woman who looks like Ali from behind. During this time Spencer is arrested for the death of Bethany Young and Toby damages his leg in a car accident heading to his cop graduation.

Can the liars catch any breaks? How will Mona’s death affect the girls? Why is Alison building an army?

So many questions that need to be answered, hopefully we will get some of those answers during the Halloween Special on October 21st! Until then we will have to wonder what Alison has in store for our favorite liars.







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