Talk With Co-Creator Tracy Soren Of The Comedy Web Series “Dibs”

By: Denishea Bright

Created by comedians Tracy Soren and Jessie Jolles, Dibs revolves around the relationship between best friends. It stars Soren and Jolles, who are roommates in the series and overcoming the “little things” in their day to day lives. Dibs shows it’s viewers in a comedic way that the small things matter in both our lives and relationships. While the major experiences that most people have to go through are shown in television every day, the small things along the way that play a huge part in who we are, are often ignored. As explained by Soren, Dibs, means that true friends have “dibs” on each other and these characters certainly do!

Dibs shows characters experiencing the difficulties of life in their 20’s, and Soren can definitely relate. Some of the biggest obstacles that she’s had to face were centered on trying to figure her life out, and we know how hard that can be. She talks about how her dream of becoming a comedian requires a lot of hard work and she always finds herself thinking about what’s exactly right for her. She points out how you’re never completely sure about your choices in life and that listening to your intuition is always the key.

“In all honesty. The best advice is to trust your gut.” -Tracy Soren

The show first launched back in September of last year and since then has had a second season, which debuted back in June.

TracySoren and Jessie first met while studying together at the Upright Citizens Brigade in New York founded by Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh. After deciding that they liked each other and that they respected each others work ethics, the two clicked. The pair works well together because as co-creators and friends, they have a level of respect and trust for each other. Soren states that Jolles is, “someone who can really make me crack up!” A true “best friend”, described by Soren, is someone who you can feel comfortable around, confide in, and someone who you can be fun with, but also supportive in the others most serious times.

JessieThe two don’t exactly mirror their characters, but they share some of their characters most valuable qualities. Like Soren who describes her character Emily as loyal, organized, and motivated, much like herself. Jolles is known to be a very open, loyal, and a caring person. Unlike Jolles, the character Joey isn’t as outspoken and bold. Soren and Jolles compliment each other and accept each others quirks just like their characters in this engaging show called Dibs.

Dibs also stars Vince Moore, John Purcell, Pat Wise, Martha Hearn, and Nate Yaffe. The second season was directed by Tracey Gordon.

You can find Soren and Jolles working on comedy sketches and performing with their Improv team Gulf Oil.

Keep up with the show at and watch the episodes at

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Thanks Tracy & Jessie!

Photos Courtesy of Matthew Santiago Torres

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