Pretty Little Liars Season 5: Episode 11 “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me” Recap

BvbF0HcIcAE2fJE By: Donte Smith

Our Pretty little Liars plan to tell the cops the truth about Alison and her lies, backfires in the opening minutes of the show. Due in large part to “A”, “A” displays pictures of Alison with the girls during the time she was suppose to be dead outside of the police station, just as the girls were about to enter. They quickly realize they can’t afford to tell the truth without being viewed as liars through the police eyes. The girls suspect Alison may have played a role in helping “A” keeps the girls quiet, so Emily enlists the help of Ezra to find answers of her own.

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Melissa finally shares her entire story of what she saw the night Alison was supposedly killed on a recorded video tape sent to Spencer. Melissa says she saw Spencer and Alison fighting that night, and Spencer followed Alison with a shovel. I heard a loud bang then I saw Alison lying on the ground, you (Spencer) walked away afterwards and I thought she was dead. Melissa admits she thought the girl was Alison, but really it was Bethany Young, the girl from Radley Hospital. Melissa says that she was trying to protect Spencer. Spencer is unsure what to do with this information. Hanna asks Spencer and Tobey for help dealing with Caleb and his drinking. Caleb reveals to Hanna that he drinks because it’s the only way he can sleep at night because of the events that happened to him in Ravenswood.

Aria has issues with her younger brother Mike dating Mona. Mona tells Aria that she shouldn’t fear her, but she should fear Alison. Mona warns that when Ali is done needing the girls she will destroy them because she secretly fears them. The notion that Alison and “A” may be working together or may be the same person, crosses the mind of Emily when Ezra shows her pictures of Alison and Cyrus talking in Rosewood before he confessed to kidnapping her. Emily regrets letting Alison come between her and Paige and tries to mend the fences in their relationship,  but Paige appears to have moved on from Emily.

With the Summer Finale around the corner and the revelation of Melissa’s confession, you can expect more questions like… What does Ali really plan to do? Are Mona’s warnings true?





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