“The Fosters” Season 2: Episode 10 Someone’s Little Sister – TV Recap



By: Donte Smith

Before tonight’s ABC Family’s The Fosters, they should have given a warning for unexpected crying and abandonment issues. Tonight, Callie enlists the help of her birth father, Robert Quinn, to help her put together a fundraiser to save her former group home “Girls United”. Robert informs Callie that he signed the abandonment papers. Jude starts to ponder the thought that he might have to abandon Connor as a friend when Conner’s father abuses him for spending the night with Jude in a tent during a school camping trip, because he believes that Jude is gay. Brandon is warned by Mat to leave Lou alone and to not start up a relationship with her because she has a history of dating bandmates who quickly quit after dating her. Mat fears that the two of them will eventually hurt each other and doesn’t want their relationship to disturb the harmony of the band.

Mariana blackmails Jesus to join her and Stef on a visit to Ana, their birth mother, after finding out about his tattoo. Ana tries to apologize to Mariana and Jesus during the conversation. Mariana tells Ana that she doesn’t know her or Jesus at all and pretty much that they were better off without her in their lives. Jesus tries to comfort Ana by telling her Mariana didn’t mean it. Ana tells Jesus to stop and that he needs to stop trying to save her every time that she cries. “That’s not your job. And I’m your mother, that’s my job,” Ana says. Lena quits her job as vice principal when she feels the new principal isn’t doing anything to stop Connor’s father from bullying. Jesus and Haley begin to have trouble in their relationship after his conversation with Ana. Haley wants Jesus to spend his days with her taking care of her and her needs. Brandon and Lou share their first kiss while practicing one of the bands new songs. Rita and Sophia separately ask Callie why she doesn’t want a relationship with her birth father Robert. After giving a speech during the Girls United Fundraiser, Callie acknowledges Sophia as her sister and Robert as her father. Sophia tells Callie that she ripped up the abandonment papers so she couldn’t be adopted.

This news is a relief to Robert who doesn’t want to loose Callie as his daughter, but Callie is pissed off by the news. Callie storms off and is chased down by Brandon. As Callie explains to him what happened with the abandonment papers, she admits that it may be for the best because she had to give up so much, mainly her romantic relationship with Brandon when she decided to be adopted by the Fosters. Then every Brallie fan got what they wanted, Brandon and Callie shared their first kiss this season.

The only question is, what will all of this mean when the season resumes during the fall and how will it affect the foster household?






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