The Laughs Go On: A Tribute To Robin Williams


By: Dan Tomasik

Looking through all the posts I’m seeing related to Mr. Williams passing, it occurs to me how big an impact this man had. No one is even pretending to hide their grief. There are no jokes or accusations that people are overreacting to a celebrity death. Everyone is feeling the weight of the loss on a personal level, because each of us had a personal connection with Williams. A connection so deep, we can’t even pretend it doesn’t hurt. For a man with such undeniable talent, we now find our sorrow undeniable as well.

Today is a hard day for everyone.

We don’t look at Williams the same way as we look at others because for every single one of us he was more. Whether we grew up with his early years, his stand-up, his movies, or even just his many appearances and interviews, we can all remember one thing about Robin McLaurin Williams; he was funny. His voices, his impressions, his rapid-fire delivery of a dozen jokes faster than we could come up with one, the man had a gift. Comedy seemed to come so naturally to him, even the harshest critics couldn’t deny his inherent talent for the craft. The most they could say was that he was overdoing it.

That doesn’t really fit him, though. Nothing about his performances betrays a need for attention or approval. Even when the cameras aren’t rolling, Williams was telling jokes. By the time his microphone was turned on for an interview or appearance, he’d probably have made 6 jokes. It wasn’t something he turned on or off, but an extension of his personality and lifestyle. Robin Williams just saw the funny side of things better than most of us.


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