“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 10 “A Dark Ali” Recap



By: Donte Smith

Don’t move because if you do you’ll miss what happened tonight on “Pretty Little Liars”.

When we left off last episode Ali and Hanna’s Mom were at the police station listening to a man announce that he was the one who kidnapped Ali. The only problem was that the guy explained word for word everything Ali told the police when she returned to Rosewood, which we all know was a lie. But as we all know Alison DiLaurentis will always find a way to get what she feels she deserves, whether it’s a good or bad thing well that’s up for interpretation. Ali recognizes the guy as Cyrus although she doesn’t reveal that to her father or Lt. Tanner. Ali shares the story of how she got cut with a knife by Cyrus to Emily. Emily asks Ali to not let Cyrus take the fall for kidnapping her. Emily suggests that “A” could be using Cyrus in order to trap the girls. Spencer tries to convince the other girls that’s it’s time to ditch Alison and her lies, after receiving a phone call that played a recorded message of Ali followed by a text message from “A” that read “Check mate”.

Aria starts to have concerns over the state of her and Ezra’s relationship, while watching her mother Ella struggle with being newly single. Ezra tells Aria that he is going to have a conversation with Alison. After Aria tells him that she and the other girls are worried that Ali might double cross them, protecting herself in her string of lies. Aria makes Ezra promise to her that he won’t talk to Ali and he agrees. Hanna tries her best to live a normal life by auditioning for a school chorus and starting the process towards living a healthier life by eating better and running with Caleb.

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Spencer catches Melissa on her personal surveillance camera talking to a guy that matches the exact appearance of Cyrus from behind. Spencer starts to consider the idea that Melissa is not just working with Mona, but she may be partnering with “A” as well. In typical Spencer fashion she goes snooping for answers in Melissa’s apartment but finds nothing. Melissa confronts Spencer and the sister’s share in a massive argument that leads to Melissa suggesting that danger may be heading Alison’s way and Spencer should follow her lead and leave town before its too late. Hanna does some snooping of her own alongside Mona in a police car, spying on the status of Cyrus while he is still locked up. A rift occurs between Ezra and Aria when he breaks his promise to her and confronts Alison in the coffee shop about the other girls.

The episode reaches a climaxed high when Alison, her father and Lt. Tanner arrive at an abandoned building which causes Ali to have a flashback of the night Cyrus cut her with the knife. Ali tells Lt. Tanner that it was the building she was held prisoner at when she was kidnapped, giving Lt. Tanner enough evidence to hold Cyrus in jail longer. The only problem was that Lt. Tanner was too late. Cyrus was already free from jail. Once the news of Ali identifying Cyrus spreads around, Spencer, Hanna, Aria and Emily decide it’s time to ditch their former leader and her lies in order to protect themselves. Emily takes the news about Cyrus the hardest and tells Ali that she is completely done with her.

Later that night dressed in all black and wearing a black wig, Ali meets Cyrus alone in the woods and gives him a plane ticket. Ali threatens Cyrus by telling him that she can find him again at anytime. Apparently there is a lot that Ali hasn’t shared with the girls and with the summer finale next week, you can expect a lot of fireworks from Alison DiLaurentis.





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