“The Fosters” Season 2: Episode 9 Leaky Faucets – TV Recap


By: Donte Smith

When there is a lack of trust in yourself. You may hurt the loved ones around you. In that case, you need to make amends.

Tonight’s episode of The Fosters was about making amends, starting with the two biggest culprits, Mike and Ana. Mike is feeling guilty about not fighting for half-custody, when he and Stef broke up and for putting him in the position with Dani. Ana regrets how she treated the twins Jesus and Marana before Stef and Lena adopted them. Stef finally has her emotional break down over the death of her and Lena’s infant baby while fixing a leaky water pipe. Jesus plans to impress Haley with a recreation of the first night they had sex. It goes badly when Stef comes home early and interrupts the two of them, forcing Jesus to think on his feet. He comes up with a quick plan B, which is to attend the local Latino festival where his brother (Brandon) and sisters (Callie and Marana) are along with Wyatt, Mat, and Lou.

Check out the trailer for next weeks episode!


Callie who is dealing with panic attacks sees a therapist to help her deal with her issues. Callie believes the attacks were triggered by her rape by Liam and believes that it’s the reason she can’t have sex with Wyatt. The therapist suggests that maybe Callie is having a hard time trusting herself and her gut. Since the last time she let down her guard was with Liam and that went horribly wrong. The Fosters attend the local Latino festival on respective dates. Marana and Mat are trying to enjoy their first date which starts off rocky because the festival is Latino based and Marana relates everything Latino to her drug-addicted mother, Ana.

Callie and Wyatt are at the festival trying to reconnect and Callie is trying to see how much she truly trusts Wyatt. Brandon and Lou grow closer together through their love of music. Lou asks Brandon out but he rejects her citing that he has to work through some personal issues before he can start dating someone. While at the festival Wyatt sees Liam and asks Brandon for his help with dealing with him. Wyatt upon meeting Liam enters into a fist fight with him which Brandon tries to break up. Brandon joins into the fight after getting hit by Liam. Callie snaps on Wyatt after the fight for his role in the fight because he knows that she hates violence even if it was in her honor. Things between Wyatt and Callie could be on ice if she can’t trust him. Jesus gets a tattoo of Haley’s name on his chest to prove his love for her. I doubt Stef and Lena are going to be happy about that tattoo. Marana and Mat’s date gets worst when Marana runs into Mike with Ana. Ana tries to apologize before Marana takes off. Mat is able to cheer up Marana by sharing with her how he felt when his father abandoned him as a child.

With one week until the summer finale you can expect a couple shakeups in the Foster household.





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