“Pretty Little Liars” Season 5: Episode 9 “March of Crimes” Recap


By: Donte Smith

Tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars in one word was suspenseful. It starts with Lt. Tanner grilling Aria with questions about Ezra as she sits alongside her mother Ella. Tanner asks Aria about a possible romantic relationship between Ezra and Shana which causes Aria’s nerves to raise and anger to boil over while answering questions.

Since her argument with Hanna, Aria hasn’t talked to the girls much which worries Ali. Ali fears that the girls are starting to fall apart and if they aren’t as close as they were before her fake death, their lies will fall apart in the process. Jenna and Ali share their first conversation since Ali has returned home. Ali asks Jenna how she got Shana to turn on her when they were childhood friends. “I didn’t you did,” responds Jenna. While riding her bike home one night Emily overhears Ali’s voice coming from a car. Emily creeps behind a bush to see if Ali is in the car. Instead she sees Noel Khan listening to recordings of Ali, given to him by Shana before she was killed.

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The next day in school Emily rejoins her swim team as an assistant coach and takes down Noel’s locker combination code from her coach’s book. Emily then sneaks into Noel’s locker to get his car keys so that she can break into his car. In his car Emily finds the recording along with pictures of Ali during the time she was suspected of being dead. Spencer is at the hospital to get her eye checked out after the horse accident last week. While in the waiting room Spencer sees two Jenna’s. Unsure if that was what she had really seen, Spencer calls Emily to join her at the hospital. Once Emily arrives she realizes the girl by Jenna’s side is Sidney. Emily and Spencer confront Jenna and Sidney but gets no answers.

Later in the day Sidney tries to explain to Emily how she met Jenna and why she was helping her, but Emily is too angry to listen to her. Spencer and Caleb get into an argument over Hanna’s recent drinking. Spencer challenges Caleb to be the boyfriend that once brought out the best in Hanna, and not this new guy whose answer to every problem is liquor. Caleb gets Hanna to open up about Zach which results in Caleb having a face to face conversation with Zack. Zack shows Caleb a letter signed by Hanna flirting with Zack in the letter. But Caleb quickly notices that it isn’t Hanna’s handwriting. Caleb ends his conversation with Zack by punching him in the face. Aria realizes Hanna was telling the truth about Zack once she tells him Hanna wouldn’t be coming to the wedding and sees his reaction to the news. Aria tells her mother Ella of the accident between Hanna and Zack. Ella calls off the wedding, reveling there was a similar accident with Zack when they were away. Aria tracks down Hanna and makes amends with her friend. Spencer and Noel get into a fight over the recording and pictures of Ali after Noel breaks into Spencer’s house. Spencer ends up cutting Noel in the hand with a blade. Noel tells Spencer he received the pictures and recording from Shana and needs them just in case Ali crosses him, Spencer assures Noel she won’t let that happen because she needs the recording and pictures to protect herself and the other girls from Ali. Hanna’s mom receives a phone call from the police saying they caught the man who kidnapped Ali. At the police station Ali is in complete shock when she sees who the guy who the police caught. The man is telling the police everything Ali told the police.

Who is this mystery guy? Is Spencer gearing the girls up to ditch Ali and her lies behind? With only two weeks until the summer finale the liars have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to protecting themselves or Ali.


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