Actress Jessica Carollo Talks About Creating Her TV Sitcom “Obstructed View”

By: Denishea Bright

Jessica Carollo is the creator of a new sitcom called Obstructed View. The show centers around Carollo’s character, Katie, a girl with dreams of one day being on Broadway and becoming a star. Katie see’s her chance to get one step closer when she finds a job opportunity to work as an usher for a musical.

The show is loosely based on Carollo’s real life experiences while working as an usher for Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. This New York girl has had to deal with Broadway audience members sneaking in and out in the past, and today she is a talented actress.

Her work includes theatre productions for Beauty and the Beast, Romeo and Juliet, and Fat Horse and Slim. She’s also appeared in Home Again, and on the soap opera One Life To Live.

The show is executive produced by Laura Valenti Luckenbaugh, John Carollo, and Joyce Carollo. Produced by Carollo alongside Jessica Charles, and directed by Fritz Brekeller.

Obstructed View stars C.K. Allen, Dalia Davi, Cord Grabarz, Lani Harms, and Austin  Seay.

“…its something that I live for. I purely enjoy it. It makes me happy…” – Jessica Carollo

Denishea Bright (BrightGirlWrites): So Obstructed View is the title, was there anything during the making of this project that may have obstructed your view? What was the biggest obstacle that you had to work through while working on this project?

Check out the trailer for Obstructed View!


Jessica Carollo: I probably would say the biggest obstacle was the constant worry that I had with certain things. When we went through pre- production and then we had to set up everything for the shoot and then everything in post production. There were a lot of circumstances that we weren’t anticipating. An example, we had to get a lot of extras for our shoot. We had a particular scene where we needed it to look like a Broadway house full of people and for weeks we stressed over this because we had to fill a room and make it look like we had people there and it was to a point where we were even joking around with the crew like, “Yeah we’re going to have some crew and camera guys in there if that’s the case. We have to make it work!” {laughs} But luckily the people over at the Klein Memorial Auditorium where we shot our episodes, were so generous. They reached out to a local theatre school nearby and they were able to provide us with some of the extras that were there so it actually worked out for the best but that was again one of the many examples of certain things that we weren’t expecting to have a problem. And then another one was in post production our main editing suite that we had, had been crashing. So we almost didn’t have the project finished in time so we were panicking. So I would say the biggest thing was the amount of detail that we had to kind of keep in mind that I didn’t realize. There were a lot of details that I didn’t realize that we had to focus on and that we had to keep in mind throughout this entire process. And for me too I was struggling being a producer and being an actor which is you know, it’s a great thing but it also was stressful because in my head as an actor I had a role to play, but on the other hand as a producer I’m watching my crew and my production team scrambling to try to get things done and I want to be there just as much to help them but it like, “You can’t be both. You have to choose one or the other for today.”



Denishea Bright (BrightGirlWrites): Okay, I read that you’re currently pitching it to television networks. Which networks do you see your show on?

Jessica Carollo: This particular show I feel is very The Office meets Slings & Arrows meets Smash, or comedy Smash anyway. So I feel like maybe not something that’s more of a traditional network maybe something more on the lines of ABC Family or TBS or Hulu or any of the networks that are kind of open to the work style comedy that’s not so sitcom. I guess that’s the best way to describe it. I just think that its more of the perspective of the everyday person. And I feel like those networks kind of embrace those kinds of comedies. Doesn’t mean that any other Networks wasn’t interested, we’d be more than happy to speak with them. I guess looking at the reality of the show that seems to be more of the case that we’re going.

Denishea Bright (BrightGirlWrites): You have a lot of experience in theatre and you’ve also made an appearance in the past on One Life To Live. So how was that?

Jessica Carollo: Good! It was good. I had my mom whose worked in soaps for many years. And I had done some background for episodes. But one day I got the call to do an Under Five for them which basically means (reading) under five lines and it was so much fun. And I got to work with Erika Slezak who is the main star which was such an honor. It was a really exciting day I was actually just graduating from school. So I had even more of such, a feeling self-confident just because I finally graduated and now I’m getting to work in a professional set with these amazing people and I loved my time there. I’m so sad that, that whole industry has kind of gone away because I think soaps are really wonderful. I would do it again in a heart beat. I had a fun time.


Denishea Bright (BrightGirlWrites): What is a word of advice that you live by or that you love?

Jessica Carollo: I’d say probably my biggest advice would be to just keep chasing your dreams. I know that sounds very cliché and overused but I really mean it in a sense of your passion is your life. And I really can’t imagine myself doing anything else in this world than being a performer or working in the entertainment industry. Its something that I have been around since I was a kid but even more so, its something that I live for. I purely enjoy it. It makes me happy and I feel as an artist or any form of artist in life, if this is something that you desire to do and that you have a passion for then you have to just keep going and keep pushing through because it’s not an easy life. But because I love it so much I am willing to go through hard times and struggle both financially and maybe job wise just because I’m that dedicated to what I do. And I think that if people just sticked to their passion and what they want to do, they really will go far and opportunities will eventually be coming around. It’s just you having the strength and the drive to stay long enough and keep going.

Denishea Bright (BrightGirlWrites): Are there any other projects that you are working on at this time?

Jessica Carollo: This is my main project but I do also star on another series called What Exit? It’s on ROKU on a channel called MaddyGTV. I play a Jersey girl so I’ve been very excited that’s been going well. It’s exciting because that’s also something that I booked out of school and now people can see it online. So anyone who has ROKU that channel MaddyGTV, it’s on there. And in the meantime, I am just focusing on my main project, Obstructed View and moving forward.

Denishea Bright (BrightGirlWrites):So where can our readers keep up with you?

Jessica Carollo: You can actually visit our website at or you can visit our Facebook Page ObstructedViewTV, our Twitter  , or Instagram which is obstructedview_comedy.

Thanks Jessica!

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