“The Fosters” Season 2: Episode 8 Girls Reunited – TV Recap


By: Donte Smith

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past year and a half you should be excited about the twist and turns that this season of The Fosters has offered. But in case you have The Fosters is an American family drama that follows the lives of a family consisting of an interracial lesbian couple and their blended crew of biological and adopted children.

Tonight on The Fosters Callie returned to her group home “Girls United” for the weekend. Girls United is the group home Callie ended up at after she ran away from the Fosters during season one. Callie officially went to help with an open house. Girls United was hosting to convince the neighbors the girls will not bring violence to the neighborhood. Unofficially Callie wanted to work through her issues with being raped by Liam in her first foster home.

Check out the trailer for next weeks episode!

During Callie’s time back at Girls United, she clashes with the newest girl in the house, Deon. Callie also ruffles the feathers of the other girls she befriends during her stint at Girls United, who are jealous that The Fosters want to adopt Callie and her biological father wants to get to know her better as well. The girls patch things up once Deon reveals that she has been playing with the emotions of one of the girls to get her drugs. The Girls United house is caught on fire and burned down. No one is sure who started the fire but they have two guesses, one a neighbor who has been trying to close down the house and the other is Becka, their housemate who was found past out in the basement after a drug overdose.

Back at the Foster household Stef receives a letter from Mariana and Jesus birth mother, Ana, asking for permission to speak to the twins in an effort to make amends. Brandon and his band mate grow closer together and almost share a kiss, and Jesus and Mariana find it isn’t easy dating. Especially when you’re double dating with your twin. Things get awkward when Jesus reveals parts of their mother’s past after Mariana said they never knew their mother. Things are starting to spice up in the Foster household and with only two episodes left until the summer finale you can bet things are going to get even more interesting.




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