Pretty Little Liars Episode: “Scream For Me” Recap



By: Donte Smith

Tonight’s Pretty Little liars answered zero questions but offered a can full of them. Last week’s episode ended with “A” sending Aria, Spencer and Emily a text message that eluded Hanna had spilled the beans about their trip to New York, the night Shawna died.

This week’s episode picks up with Ali being pushed into a corner by questions from the police about Shawna’s death and her reasons for moving from Georgia to Rosewood during the time Ali was believed to be dead. We also see that there is tension rumbling between Hanna and Aria over the fact that Hanna shared information about the girl’s trip to New York while being heavily under the influence of alcohol. Aria who is responsible for killing Shawna doesn’t care for Hanna sharing this information . Hanna and Aria’s relationship takes another hit, when Zach (Aria’s Mother Fiancé) flirts with Hanna, and she shares this information with Aria. It leads to huge argument between the girls. Could this lead to Hanna possibly drinking even more or joining Mona’s army?

Here’s a sneak peek of the episode from PrettyLyingGame.

Meanwhile Emily puts the clues together that Sidney may have been the one Hanna talked to about their trip to save Ali and confronts her with questions in the swim team’s locker room. Spencer tries her best Harriet the spy impersonation when she drags Emily with her to visit a horse ratchet. That Mrs. D went to with a girl from Radley before they were both killed. Ali tricks Hanna’s mom into letting her become a guest in their household. This push’s Hanna to the comfort of Caleb. Who seek for the answer to their problems in a bottle of liquor. With Hanna’s drinking increasing with her problems, “A” takes another crack at killing Ali only this time at Hanna’s house with Hanna’s mother alongside Ali. It isn’t until the last-minute of the episode that we discover Ali asked Nolan break into the house dressed as “A”, to bring truth to one of her lies.

Has Ali gone rogue? Can the liars trust Ali? What’s going to happen with Hanna and Aria? Will Aria confront Zach about Hanna? Like I said more questions than answers.


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