DeAara Lewis Talks Women, Forgiveness, And Her New Web Series “Confessions Of A Witch B****”


By: Denishea Bright

At the age of 5 she discovered her love for storytelling, writing several short stories. She later became an intern on the set of the 2005 film “Hustle and Flow” starring Terrence Howard and a production assistant for MTV’s “Making The Band. Today the actress, writer, and producer is the creator of a web series called, “Confessions Of A Witch B****”. The series follows a witch named Alexandria who is banned from her covenant due to her natural obsession with revenge. She is then kicked out of the world she knows and thrust into the real world where she is forced to work and come face to face with the real witches, WOMEN.

“Try not to take things personal,” is what Lewis says that she’s learned over time. Going further into the conversation about the widely expressed saying amongst social circles that “women can’t be trusted,” she gives her take on the issue. “In this society we’re set up to be in competition with one another… With situations like that I had to learn different tactics. If I perceive that a woman is coming at me in a really competitive way what I really try to do is look at something very genuine about her that I genuinely like and I compliment her. It’s not anything fake. It’s not anything forced And that’s my way of letting her know that ‘hey I’m not the enemy’.”



The show will bring to light office politics, bullying on the job, and survival when faced with the harsh realities. It’s inspired by Lewis’s own stories and her struggle with working with forgiveness. This is her first Kickstarter project. Her 2007 film “Tricks” and 2004 short “The Forgotten Ones” were both financed by herself.

DeAara is also busy developing a one woman show called “The People Inside My Head,” with DeAara Lewis Productions and Drama Queen Entertainment. She’s also building an online network dedicated to developing projects for women and people of color.

Lewis tells us why “Confessions of A With B****” needs your support.


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