Atlanta Casting Director Rhavynn Drummer Talks Achieving Dreams, Tyler Perry, And Her New Web Series “Good Girls”


By: Natalie Jameson

Hard work plus just the right amount of ambition is exactly what it takes an individual to achieve efficient and successfully driven results in their career. Having come a long way in her own working life Rhavynn Drummer, an illustrious and reputable freelance casting director, has proved this ideology to be a fact by demonstrating a strong work ethic and pursing her goals with a head-on determination that has heavily contributed to a meritorious impact in her profession.

Obtaining her start as just an intern, Drummer has worked on several commendable productions that involve the likes of powerful and prominent professionals such as Tyler Perry, where she assisted in some of the remarkable castings on productions such as “Meet the Browns”, “Why Did I Get Married Too”, “The Family that Preys”, “The Marriage Counselor”, and the ever-so-popular series “The Haves and The Have Nots.” From her years of high school, the beautiful and God-fearing industry professional commenced an illustrious and reputable journey, by participating in the casting assemblies of 12 feature films, 5 television series, and 4 theatrical productions.

Throughout pursuing her dream of working in the casting field by applying strong work ethics, Drummer’s ambitious and persistent efforts assisted her in developing a compelling story that she agreed to share with me in an aspiring interview.

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “Hi Rhavynn!”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Hello!”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “For my first question I would like to ask…how were you introduced to the world? As far as the aspect of the entertainment industry goes, how did you get your start?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Well, I got my start as an intern really. In college, I was a theater major and an American Studies double major. I always had a great interest in this. So, right after I graduated in 2007, I started interning at Tyler Perry Studios and eventually became a casting assistant and then three years ago I became the casting director. So, really interning was my introduction to this industry.”

Check out the trailer for “Good Girls”.


Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “What was your biggest motivation for wanting to pursue a career in the casting and entertainment industry?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Well, I have acted and directed in the past. When I was interning I remember someone asking, ‘So, what do you wanna do? What department do you want to work in?’ Costumes? Production? On set PA? I chose casting because it was the closest to what I already knew. The casting director at the time had an opening for an intern. So I really got a chance to see what it’s like on the other side of the acting and performing world and I’ve pursued it ever since.”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “Seeing that you’ve experienced working in so many different productions, I’ve read up a little bit about your working experience, I’ve seen you’ve worked with Tyler Perry Studios to some of the many other prominent studios as well, I’d like to ask you how is the environment and what is the experience like working on different sets as a casting director?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Working in casting especially from a studio level is definitely fulfilling. A lot of hard work, a lot of long days. Every day that we have auditions we’re looking for challenge. The best part of my job is letting people know they’ve booked a role.I have the opportunity to help people achieve their dreams.”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “What advice do you have for those who are rising industry professionals and also those who are entertainers, seeking a way to break through into the industry, and don’t really know where to begin?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Great question! In terms of people who want to work in casting, my beginning was to intern. For me that was a huge blessing in terms of being able to sit under casting directors, producers, and talk to other actors. My biggest advice would be if you are interested in getting in this industry…offer to help someone or shadow someone for free. If you’re interested in being a casting director you can say, ‘Hey, do you mind if I can shadow you for a couple of hours’, or every now and then just to see what you do. Do you need any help? I’m willing to help no charge…whatever it is.’ It doesn’t have to be a full time job. If you’re interested in learning more, go ‘head and offer your services. Because the thing is when an opportunity does come up you’re going to be in mind.

When it comes to talent my biggest thing is…prepare and research. I love an actor who has taken the time to always be in an acting class, to take a workshop, to read, to study. I always say when you’re at home watching television or a movie, that’s your homework. Watch people’s performances. There’s so much stuff online, other actor’s auditions even…any kind of material to help you.”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “What is the one piece of advice that you live by?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “When I was in high school, the principal of my high school was the daughter of actress Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. My principal informed us of a ritual her parents would say to one another. Instead of telling each other to break a leg, they would tell each other to ‘take flight,’ and soit’s kind of been something that I live by, ever since then. Each and every day take flight. Let yourself be seen. Do the things that you never thought that you could do. I think ‘take flight’ can have so many different meanings for everyone, but for me it really means to literally approach the things you want to do fearlessly.So I tell people and remind myself of this on a daily basis to take flight.”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “Do you have an Instagram and if so are you okay with us posting your latest picture on the site?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Yes I do have an Instagram and I am okay with that. My Instagram is my name and its @rhavynn.”


Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “What new endeavors or projects do you have coming up that you would like to share with the public? I read a little about your new series, ‘Good Girls’ and I also watched the clips and saw that it was a very funny and seems like a very interesting show. Do you care to share a little about the plot with us?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Yes! I just recently created a new web series titled ‘Good Girls’ and it’s about the story of four women of faith who are trying to navigate their lives through living and dating in Atlanta. I’m so proud of it. I wrote and directed it and we filmed it earlier this year. I just really wanted to tell a story of a modern day person of faith. I really wanted it to be fun and light and entertaining and make people laugh and maybe ask questions and have a dialogue. Good Girls is on YouTube and it’s actually on my channel which is I do also have Twitter and a Facebook where people can also post messages there as well.”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “Is it exclusively a web series or are you looking to have it branch out and broadcasted over television?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Ideally, I would love to for it to broaden into a 30-minute sitcom for television. And my goal is to work on pitching the project to a network because it’s my passion and it’s definitely something I see being on television.”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “Where can we keep up with you?”

Rhavynn Drummer: “Yes, I am presently on all the major social media networks. On Facebook, it’s just my name Rhavynn Drummer. On Twitter, it’s also @rhavynndrummer. I’m on Instagram as I mentioned, those are the best ways to keep up with me. I have a website, If you’re interested in the show, Good Girls, you can go to Twitter, it’s the same We also have an Instagram page for Good Girls, which is also @goodgirlstv. So they can keep up with me or the project on either of those two outlets.”

Today, Rhavynn Drummer continues to work ardently on her new web series “Good Girls”, making it a comical and entertaining web-based showcase, in addition to continue to inspire and mentor others on how to obtain that break into the acting and entertainment industries. Drummer is also currently employed as a freelance casting director and specializes in casting for feature films, television series, music videos, commercials, web series, pilots, and stage plays to name a few within Atlanta, GA. Drummer’s well-esteemed image also proves to supply the ideal that if you have a dream “take flight” and go after your aspirations because any vision is possible.

Watch the first episode here:

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