Meet Lindsey McDowell! Actress, Producer, and Writer of “MisSpelled” The Web Series


By: Sara Martin
“You can do something about that gnawing voice in your head telling you to go for it”, and that is what Producer/Writer and Actress, Lindsey McDowell from a mysterious and metaphysical new web-series called “Misspelled” says. I had the chance to speak with Lindsey about her life and her part in the web series, that’s first episode “#witchbitch” has just been launched on Youtube.
Lindsey is currently the Producer/Writer/Actress for this new and pretty amazing web-series about five girls trying to accept themselves and who suddenly discovers supernatural powers. They don’t know what to do with their new found discovery of  the unnatural and powerful abilities. Lindsey started off with an idea of creating a web-series for herself and a group of friends, but instead she created something truly incredible, with a cast of talented women starring as the leads.

Lindsey moved to Los Angeles after a year at Howard University to pursue acting. When she was a child, she had dreams of being a singer, a writer, a rock picker and eventually an actress. But she never realized how much work and time it would take to become an actress when she was still dreaming about her future career. It was with the support and love from her sister, in which she was able to follow her dreams to Howard University and have a place to stay while she pursued her dreams. Lindsey states that her sister, “…has been this beacon of light proving to me that you can do something about that gnawing voice in your head telling you to go for it.” She attended several schools (Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown school in Santa Monica) and programs during her time in LA and on the side, would write small sketches and scenes, to keep her and her friends busy between auditions. With the time she had to create small sketches and create new ideas, she started her first web series in 2011, Echo and Nellie.
The first couple of episodes of the series, you can definitely expect to be left on the edge of your seat at the end of each episode. With the cast, Lindsey only had to cast one of the characters while everyone else, were very good friends from her acting background and some of her very best friends. Lindsey loved all of the aspects of this production but she was definitely in awe of her post production team, Gehrig Burnett Jr. (editor and post production supervisor), Derrick Ligas and Brandon Bogard (Special Effects), Conor Jones (Composer) and Sound Department (Kenneth Cullens and Roger Mendoza). “It’s amazing to see what people do with footage that is handed over to the post department. I always have my idea for the story but once they get their hands on it, it’s just always so much better.” She believes and supports the notion that filmmaking is truly a collaborative process.
The goal for the series is to release the six episodes for the first season and with enough of a demand and fan base, plan to crowd-fund for the final three ground breaking episodes of the first season! She would love for the series to be picked by a network because it can give her more creativity, a bigger audience, and the chance to support women leads and women of color on a network show!
She’s currently working on MisSpelled and another web series that’s currently in production for Streets Ahead Productions. She hopes that er career will launch and help her family financially. She loves what she does and continues on with her dreams in the acting and producing realm.
To check out the series and get more info:
Click here to see the first episode:
This series is definitely one of the best web-series of the year!

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