Introducing Simone Jameson


By: Natalie Jameson

Breaking into an industry such as film and television, can be somewhat challenging when you are an individual aspiring to pursue the craft of becoming a prominent figure in the entertainment industry…just ask Simone Jameson. The talented and beautiful upcoming television mogul, who also happens to be my sister, discusses her personal experience in venturing towards developing an amazing enterprise and conquering success in the communications and acting fields. Although having faced her fair shares of industry challenges, Simone Jameson abides by the ideal that success can be achievable through perseverance, hard work, and an inspiration from a higher power.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Simone, where she shared her plans to make a powerful and positive impact on the television and film industry. Born in Brooklyn, New York, Simone Jameson moved to Georgia and grew up in the small city of Snellville, Georgia. Later, she discovered her passion and talent for being an effective communicator and writer, thus inspiring her drive to pursue a career in media. From there Jameson went on to accomplish several esteemed roles which include her feature on the Queen Latifah produced Lifetime film, Steel Magnolias (2012), to landing a spot on The Steve Harvey Morning Show, and subsequently The Steve Harvey Project on BET’s Centric Network, where the star in the making debuted her commendable vocal abilities.

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “Hi Simone.”

Simone Jameson: “Hi. How’s it going?”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “Just fine, thank you and how about yourself?”

Simone Jameson: “Excellent. I’m doing fantastic.”

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): “I’d like to start off by asking you…How were you introduced to the world?”

Simone Jameson: “Well, I’m a rising media professional from the Atlanta area. I recently earned my masters degree in digital and interactive media and that was followed after earning my bachelors in mass communications with a concentration in television and radio. I have since become fully immersed in the broadcast industry and have picked up different radio and TV gigs, even appearing as an actress recently. But my main focus now is television and radio hosting.


Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): What was your biggest motivation for wanting to pursue a career in this industry of film and television?

Simone Jameson: My vision for wanting to be in the television and film industry, really started at an early age. From I was little…teachers, professors, my peers, my best friends were telling me that I had a voice fit for radio and television and a face fit for TV. And as I grew older, it really sort of manifested itself when I found myself interested in journalism opportunities.

I found myself wanting to interview different people in the industry and was just so inspired by their craft. By the different crafts of artists, musicians, performers, and people of that background. After having that realization is when it came that, this is the industry I needed to be in. and this is where my skills and talents truly lied, in the field of communication. Getting across different ideas, coming across people of all different backgrounds and areas of life and wanting to share their stories with the world as well as share who I am from a professional stance.

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): What advice do you have for those who are up and coming professionals, such as yourself, who are seeking a way to break through into the industry, starting from the ground, and don’t really know where to being?

Simone Jameson: I would say, any advice that I give to a new professional trying to rise in this type of industry is be relentless and don’t be afraid of failure. Being in this type of creative entertainment industry…you experience a lot of criticism, and even rejection.

You will have doors constantly slammed in your face and if you don’t look inside yourself and find that inner peace and power, then you’re not going to succeed. Also, failure is a natural part to the road to success. I look at rejection as speed bumps. So overcoming speed bumps means that you have to be persistent, not be afraid of failure, and never give up on your dream.

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): Upon pursing your dream of becoming a TV personality, what has been the biggest challenge that you’ve had to face thus far?

Simone Jameson: I would say that the biggest challenge I’ve had to face in the industry is having doors slammed in my face, and it’s just kind of happened consecutively even with different gigs I’ve wanted to host. Not hearing a call back, not getting an email, just the no show, no call, is really kind of discouraging at times and it makes you feel like…should I be doing this?

Is this where I really need to be? But then when you sort of get back to that inner peace and that place and you sit down and you reflect on your purpose, on your calling, what it is you really need to do. Then, you get it together that I can’t give up. I have to keep going out for these opportunities. There’s a favorite quote of mine. It’s called success is when opportunity meets preparation. So in the meantime, while it seems that you’re being rejected, you constantly work on ways to improve yourself and to improve your craft. Keep going out for those opportunities that you see and sooner than you think they will start to fall into place for you because you have set that foundation for success.

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): What is the one piece of advice that you live by?

Simone Jameson: I believe that we have a purpose and a calling and everything in our lives happens for a reason. One of my favorite mantras to live by actually comes from one of my favorite bible verses. It’s in Psalms, but the verse is “Trust in the Lord and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.” I feel that my prayer, meditation, and my testimony are some of the greatest assets that I’ve had. They have helped me to achieve the opportunities and accomplishments that I have experienced thus far.

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): Do you have an Instagram? If so, can we post your latest picture on the site?

Simone Jameson: Absolutely, you can follow me on Instagram. My handle is @mzmoniejaye.

Natalie Jameson (BrightGirlWrites): Where can we keep up with you?

Simone Jameson: Well, I do have a Twitter and Facebook. I am very active on those social media platforms. You can find me on Twitter on and on Facebook I’m Simone Jameson. So if you search for me you should find me.

Jameson is currently working on furthering her career and continues to work relentlessly to follow her dream. At the moment, Jameson is working on expanding her profiency in acting by performing in skits and short films with an up and coming film and production company in Atlanta. Jameson continues to develop her experience and acting credentials, by working on different genres of films such as horror, comedy, and action, and hosting an online talk show.

Her overall goal is to become a prosperous and prominent figure, following in the footsteps of legends and personalities such as Oprah Winfrey, La La Anthony, Rocsi Diaz, and Terrance Jaye.

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