Three Major Lessons In The Film “Hidden Figures”

By: Denishea Bright

Hidden Figures is a film based in the 1960’s, but when watching the film and paying attention to the major themes that were shown, an important realization is made. All of the characters went against the grain and did the unusual or unheard of even for today’s times. Some of the things that these women did back then are things that a lot of us don’t always do in this day and time.

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“Two Self Help Books Away From Being Perfect” Webseries Creator Kimberly Young Talks Love, Motivation, And Self Help Books


At this years American Black Film Festival, Kimberly Young took home the award for the Best Web Original for Two Self Help Books Away From Being Perfect. She wrote, executive produced, and stars in the series as a young woman living in New York hoping to find love through the direction of self-help books. She partnered up with director Lopez Williams for the series who in which she co-produced the 2014 thriller short film The Vapor.

In real life, Young isn’t enlisting books to lead her to her destiny, but instead finding strength and power in creating her own opportunities. As a former New York University drama student and student at the Upright Citizens Brigade, she continues to stay motivated in her work. She does this by remembering her journey and the reason behind why she loves doing what she does.


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Michael B. Jordan To Star In “Creed” A “Rocky” Film Spinoff


By: Denishea Bright

That’s right! For all of you “Rocky” fans, Sylvester Stallone is back as both producer and star Rocky Balboa in this upcoming film. Rocky’s former boxing rival Apollo Creed, portrayed by Carl Weathers, son travels to Rocky’s home of Philidelphia, determined to get the boxing legend to train him. After winning a hesitant Balboa over, Creed’s son whom of which is played by Michael B. Jordan, will train to become a winner.

The film will also star Tessa Thompson, Tony Bellew, Graham McTavish, and Phylicia Rashād.

The film was co-written and directed by Ryan Coogler.

Creed” is set to hit theaters on November 25, 2015.

Sony Pictures Calling All Inspiring Television Directors


By: Denishea Bright

Sony Pictures competition for its 2nd Annual Diverse Directors Program wants new inspiring directors of diverse backgrounds to apply. After an intense workshop, which will take place in August of this year, only three lucky participants will be chosen to go on. The three winners will shadow television directors on hit scripted television shows on the Sony Pictures Lot in Culver City, CA. The program will take place from October 2015 to February 2016.

Interested? Submit your application to:

Deadline to apply is June 29th!


Possible One Direction Fan Fiction Novel “After” Film Adaptation Coming Soon


By: Denishea Bright

People are deeming the popular novel After, written by Anna Todd, as the Fifty Shades of Grey for the younger generation and it has reportedly been read by over a billion people. Soon even more will experience this story.

The story follows a goody two shoes college student, Tessa, who has an insane infatuation for a bad boy type British guy named Hardin. The character Hardin is loosely based on One Direction member Harry Styles.

Sarah McMartin is set to write the screenplay and Offspring Entertainment is set to produce.

Look out for it!

New Tupac Shakur Feature Film “7Days” Needs Your Support


By: Denishea Bright

Both a friend and video director to the late Tupac Shakur, Gobi Rahimi, has started an Indiegogo campaign for his film titled “7Days”. The film will follow a week in the year of 1996 after a Las Vegas Mike Tyson boxing match where the rapper lost his life.

Rahimi, who has directed music videos for Shakur, plans to include unseen personal footage of the rapper shot by Rahimi himself.

Carl Franklin is set to direct the film.


Check out the campaign here:

Will Packer New Sitcom “People Are Talking” Coming To NBC


By: Denishea Bright

The show will follow the lives of two couples, who are best friends and also neighbors as they dig deep into every taboo subject possible ranging from sex to race. Hence the title, these couples are definitely talking.

The series will star Tone Bell, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Bresha Webb, and Meaghan Rath.

You can check out “People Are Talking” this fall on Friday nights.

Watch Craig Robinson In Trailer For Upcoming NBC TV Sitcom “Mr. Robinson”


By: Denishea Bright

Robinson will play lead character, Mr. Robinson, as he splits his time between rocking out as the lead singer in his band, Nasty Delicious, and being the middle school substitute music teacher.

Aside from Robinson, Peri Gilpin, Brandon T. Jackson, Ben Koldyke, Amandla Stenberg, Spencer Grammer, and Tim Bagley will star.

The show was written by Mark Cullen & Robb Cullen.

Check out the show on August 5th at 9pm.

Avengers: Age Of Ultron


By: Dan Tomasik

Where to begin? The history of Marvel, the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the history of Ultron, the history of the Avengers, the history of Joss Whedon, or the history of this movie? Lets try something new; lets act like all of that never happened and treat this as a film on its own.

Characters; our avatars within a film. Good characters dont necessarily make a good movie, but youd be hard-pressed to find a good movie without good characters. Every character is a story, and within a good movie are a dozen smaller movies. One of the most incredible feelings in the world is sitting in that editing room with hours of movie in front of you and organizing it into the story for each character. It requires a certain degree of know-how and a great deal of patience, but if the opportunity ever presents itself to cut a movie into a series of smaller movies for each character using only the scenes that directly involve them, I highly recommend giving it a try. If it works, you will never see movies the same way again.

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Kerry Washington And Wendell Pierce To Star Upcoming HBO Film “Confirmation”


By: Denishea Bright

Washington, who plays the resilient Olivia Pope in ABC’s Scandal, takes a step forward into the political realm starring as attorney Anita Hill in the film. Washington also serves as an executive producer for the film which is based on the well-known 1991 sexual harassment case against Hill’s former supervisor and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Pierce is set to play Thomas.

The film was written by Susannah Grant and will be directed by Rick Famuyiwa.

According to Indiewire, production is set to start this summer.

Look out for it!

The Storytellers Initiative Great Opportunity For Comedy Writers


By: Denishea Bright

Parallel Entertainment and The YayBig Production Company has come together to create The Storytellers Initiative with SeriesFest.

The Storytellers Initiative is a new comedy script competition that offers writers the chance of winning a development deal,  participation in a two day lab, and a produced pilot presentation!

Applicants must:

·         Be over 18 years old

·         Have a half hour comedy script no more than 40 pages

·         And have character descriptions that exceeds no more than 2 pages

Semi Finalist will be announced on May 20th , but first hurry and apply. The regular application deadline is April 30th of this month!

Finalist will be announced on June 1st.

For further instruction and details, please visit

Watch the Trailer For The Upcoming Film “Entourage”


By: Denishea Bright

The original Mark Wahlberg produced television series Entourage ran on HBO from 2004 to 2011 and now we get to see what happens next for Vincent Chase, played by Adrian Grenier, and his crazy entourage. The guys will take on Vincent’s multi-million budget directorial film while driving his agent turned movie producer, Ari, insane.

Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Jeremy Piven, Kevin Dillon, and Jerry Ferrara are all back for the film. Entourage will also have appearances from Billy Bob Thornton, Tom Brady, Liam Neeson, Piers Morgan, Pharrell Williams, Warren Buffett, Kelsey Grammer and many more!

The film was written and directed by Doug Ellin.

Entourage hits theaters on June 5th this year!

The Hit Starz TV Series “Power” Is Back!


By: Denishea Bright

So excited to hear that Power will be returning earlier than I thought. Starz announced that the show will be returning in June!

We know that we will learn of Ghost’s decision of whether or not he will leave his old life, his wife, and friends in the past to pursue a better future in his love life and nightclub. And maybe this season, which will consist of ten hour long episodes, will finally reveal Ghost’s dirty secret to Angela.

The show was created by Courtney Kemp Agboh.

Power stars Omari Hardwick, Lela Loren, Naturi Naughton, Joseph Sikora, and Lucy Walters.

Check out Power on Starz Saturday June 6th!

“Selma” To Be Re-Released In Theaters This Weekend


By: Denishea Bright

Selma was originally released on Christmas Day of 2014, but will be re-released in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s march from Montgomery to Selma, AL in 1965. So check out the film if you haven’t done so in theaters nationwide starting Friday March 20th!

The film was written by Paul Webb and directed by Ava DuVernay.

Selma has an all-star cast of David Oyelowo, Tom Wilkinson, Carmen Ejogo, Tessa Thompson, Giovanni Ribisi, Wendell Pierce, Common, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tim Roth, Oprah Winfrey, Martin Sheen, Trai Byers, Niecy Nash and many more.

Actress Elisabeth Ness Talks Identity In Her New Comedy Web Series “Redheads Anonymous”

By: Denishea Bright

As humans we’ve all gone through a period in our lives when we have what you would call an identity crisis, for some it’s a never-ending fight. Every day comes a brand new challenge, a brand new question, and a brand new quest to find out who we truly are and who we are supposed to be. Redheads Anonymous goes deeper into the topic of identity, differences, standards, bullying, and stereotypes among many other things. And it will be the source of discussion about the things that many people unknowingly try to hide, whisper about, or act as if it doesn’t exist.

“…I find that really fascinating to be able to be inside another persons mind and understand how they work…”

Elisabeth Ness, the creator of the show and who is also a Yale alumna, has met her goals in education, but the lead character she portrays in the series, Molly, hasn’t… *Insert* a “Redhead Scholarship” that forces Molly and her three redheaded friends to decipher what it means to be a redhead.

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New ShondaLand TV Pilot “The Catch” Coming To ABC


By: Denishea Bright

The Catch will star Mireille Enos, a fraud investigator named Alice who is engaged to be married to a man, played by Damon Dayoub, who just happens to be a con artist. When he steals Alice’s money, the two battle it out to no end.

The show will also star Jacky Ido and Jay Hayden.

The Catch is based from a novel written by English author Kate Atkinson.


Watch Lebron James In “Trainwreck” Film Trailer


By: Denishea Bright

That’s right we will finally get to see LeBron James‘s acting chops! The film will star Amy Schumer a “trainwreck” of a woman who runs in every which way otter than to a serious committed relationship, but this all blows up in her face when she meets the guy, Bill Hader, who could potentially be the love of her life.

Schumer is also the writer of the film which was directed by Judd Apatow.

The film also stars Tilda Swinton, Brie Larson, John Cena, LeBron James, Method Man, Daniel Radcliffe, and Marisa Tomei among more in the all star cast.


Trainwreck is set to premiere mid- July of this year!

Screencraft’s 2015 Short Film Contest Now Open


By: Denishea Bright

Writers sign up today for a chance at getting your work read! Screencraft’s Short Film competition hopes for entries from incredible writers with great stories.

Prizes includes up to $1000 in cash and link ups with some of Hollywood’s Top Film Executives.

The deadline is April 6th!

Head over to for more information.

Good Luck!

“Project Almanac” Film Review


By: Dan Tomasik

For a movie with Michael Bays name attached to it, it doesnt feel like any of the films him or his production company Platinum Dunes have put out since their establishment. For starters, its not drowning in drained color and lighting like a watered-down reality of blandness. Second, its not suffocating in special effects. Lastly and most importantly, Project Almanac is enjoyable. As in really really fun.

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The IFP Independent Filmmaker Lab Is Taking Applications


By: Denishea Bright

This lab will give new directors the opportunity of a lifetime! The directors will get a year-long mentorship that will guide them through the completion and distribution of their films.

The IFP Independent Filmmaker Lab is specifically looking for low-budget feature and documentary films that are in the post-production stage.

The deadline for documentary entries is March 6th and for the narrative features, it’s April 3rd.

Please visit the website for more details: